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When you hear the Word “Something Light”, what do you have in Mind ?

Westgate Lifecare Mall Village Market

When you hear the word Light, It can mean food, it can mean love, and it can even mean culture. But to all men from Nigeria, that special something that tells you what is good and what is great will always be light.

Soup is a great way to start the day. It could mean a plate of amala and abula and assorted meat with plenty ponmo, pounded yam and egusi or even a steaming plate of eba and egusi soup. Or something completely different like fried fish, fried plantain and yam fufu.

It’s something that everyone will enjoy as long as they eat it with love.

We know what you’re saying: “Man, I’m hungry! Why should I waste time cooking?” That’s exactly why we’ve got a wide range of soups that come ready to eat, so you don’t have to worry about stocking up on ingredients. All you need to do is prepare the soup and we’ll be at your doorstep just in time with your preferred swallow so you can enjoy your meal.

You can order for your choice here and we deliver in 45 minutes

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