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Netflix and Chill with something light this Friday !!!

Because we know that you’re counting down to the weekend. And we’ve decided that a little extra time with your family, or catching up on some work, will make a big difference today.

As much as you love Netflix and chill, we know you can’t put down an episode of your favorite show without making a fresh batch of popcorn or a cold brew from the fridge.

We’ve got a cookbook for that; if you need something to get your mouth watering with the latest cooking trends, tasty bites and helpful tips to impress with our meals, this one is for you!

If you are tired of eating meals that require you to cook, we have an answer for you. Try our yam chips which are ready to be fried, paired with any protein such as chicken or fish, will be the perfect and quickest meal to help you relax this weekend.

Take a look at our store to select from yam cubes, french fries, wedges and lots more.

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