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Just Point and we kill for you

Let’s be honest, catfish are delicious. We don’t care that we all probably think of them as a fish with many whiskers. But there’s more to them than just the fish you see on your plate today — there’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating all its varieties.

How about a fishy treat for you and your family ? If this sounds like a plan, then point and kill will be the perfect way to go. Using the best ingredients, carefully chosen by our chefs we create a delicious dish that is guaranteed to excite all in your group.

Catfish are one of the most delicious fish you can find. Grilled, fried, or as a soup – the options are endless when it comes to catfish.

We’ve got the freshest fish available, delivered directly to your door. Whether it’s for a casual dinner night or an upcoming party – enjoy healthy, tasty catfish!

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