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Why Westgate Lifecare Mall?

Westgate Lifecare Limited is a wholly indigenous organization,
incorporated on April 30th 2014 as a private limited company with
the aim to reach out to the populace by merchandising fast moving
consumer goods and healthcare brands through its super stores
and healthcare outlets solution.

Our study has revealed that there is a large segment of the
population that lack access to consumer retail brand which merges
ambition with conscience to deliver quality products at the most
affordable prices.


To bridge these gaps, Westgate Lifecare Limited is set up as a
company that delivers excellent Customer Reward Models,
expanded operating & business hours daily (6am-12midnight), the
right merchandising strategy, dignified shopping environments
and excellent people and service delivery.
Hence, we operate one-stop outlets at No. 1 Apostolic Close,
Olowora, Lagos (Westgate Mall), Muritala Muhammed
International Airport, Lagos (Westgate Pharmacy) and Nnamdi
Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (Westgate Pharmacy).

To become a leading pan Nigerian lifecare company, present in
every household within the shortest possible future.

To continuously expand the frontiers of life care service, leveraging
on the best of technology and culture, for a healthier and more
product society.

Westgate Lifecare Limited is a composite business enterprise
comprising of the following under one ownership and locational
umbrella driven by strong customer service culture as strategic
business units:

Westgate Cosmetics & Perfumery
Westgate Bakery & Pastries
Westgate Supermarket
Westgate Suya Institute
Westgate Restaurant
Westgate Pharmacy
Westgate Groceries
Westgate Arena

Our core values are:


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